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Many companies struggle with the decision to invest in a Corporate Wellness Program for their employees. However, once the initial investment is made, the program will immediately start paying for itself and eventually will create concrete savings for the company. Healthy employees make healthy companies, which results in healthy profits which equates to a positive return on investment.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Higher Level of Performance
The stimulation of regular exercise improves levels of concentration, speed of response, clarity of mind and all around better performance which leads to higher profits for your company.

Reduced Absenteeism
Studies have shown absenteeism and illnesses are mitigated as a result of fit and healthy employees. Injuries are also reduced as fit employees are at a lower risk of work related injuries due to regular exercise and stretching.

Greater Sense of Well Being
The Fitnessfast Corporate Wellness program boosts employee morale and cohesion. It brings employees from all departments and levels together and increases individual motivation and interaction through co-operation.

Lower Your Experience-Modification Rating

Reducing your sick days and injuries reduces your ex-mod rating, thus dramatically lowering your worker's compensation premium which saves you money!

High Quality Future Recruits
Acquire and sustain quality talent by introducing a non-salary benefit in your overall compensation package.


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